5 Best Ladyboy Bars in Bangkok

5 Best Ladyboy Bars in Bangkok

One of the best ways to meet ladyboys in Thailand, and especially in Bangkok, is to visit some of the many ladyboy bars on offer in this ‘anything goes’ city. Bangkok is notorious for its wild and raunchy red light districts, home to dozens upon dozens of beer bars, gogos, and hostess clubs, many of which are staffed by young, love-hungry ladyboys.

If you’re a ladyboy newbie hitting Bangkok’s ladyboy bars is the perfect way to take your ladyboy obsession to the next level (and turn that fantasy into reality). While escort agencies and dating sites are great for getting a hot ladyboy to your hotel room, visiting a ladyboy bar you’ll get the chance to sit back with a drink and witness Bangkok’s ladyboys in the flesh, chatting and flirting before deciding just how far you want to go.


With so many ladyboy bars in Bangkok, each with a different style and vibe, the difficult decision can be choosing which one to visit first. To help you out here’s a guide to Bangkok’s best ladyboy bars:


While the name is a cheeky giveaway, many have been fooled by the hot and feminine ladyboys that shake their stuff on the poles of Cockatoo A Gogo. A fairly new gogo bar, Cockatoo can be found on the neon-lit Soi Cowboy.

Some less open-minded folk may not feel totally comfortable entering this ladyboy gogo bar surrounded by a host of busy girl gogos, but that really is their loss. Inside you’ll find a rather narrow gogo bar, where you’ll be sat seductively close to a stage brimming with curvy, bikini-clad ladyboys, who could be described as anything but shy! There are around 30 ladyboys on staff every night and the quality is high. It really doesn’t get much more intimate than this.

King’s Corner

King’s Corner can be found in Patpong, Bangkok’s oldest gogo area, though unlike most of the other ladyboy bars in Bangkok, this one is best known for having lots of post-op ladyboys (i.e. ladyboys with manmade pussies).

It’s very much a large and lively gogo and there are several real girls thrown into the mix. In fact, many of the ladyboys here will claim to be genetic girls, which can leave you playing a bit of a guessing game, but if you prefer your ladyboys to be dickless then this is the place to go.

Guess Bar

An alternative to Bangkok’s wild and often manic ladyboy gogo bars, Guess Bar is better described as a ladyboy lounge bar. Here you’ll find a team of around 10 to 15 ladyboys hanging out in their air condition bar, playing pool, and flirting with the customers.

Instead of bikinis, Guess Bar ladyboys are dressed in more casual attire with occasional themed nights where the staff dress more provocatively, in cocktail dresses, cosplay, or lingerie.

Guess Bar can be found on Sukhumvit Soi 4, close to the entrance of the Rajah Hotel, and If you’re a fan of lounge style ladyboy bars also check out Darkside Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 33 and Check Inn Bar off Sukhumvit Soi 5.

Cascade Bar

When it comes to sheer volume of ladyboys nowhere in Thailand (or quite possibly the world), can compete with Cascade Bar. Located on the top floor of Bangkok’s buzzing Nana Plaza gogo complex, Cascade Bar has around 80 to 100 ladyboys working on a typical night, ranging from 6-foot Amazonian babes to small, feminine types.

It really is a huge gogo bar with a massive stage and lots of padded seating (including some dark corners where more intimate flirting tends to take place). Some may feel a little intimidated by the sheer number of ladyboys packed into this sexy funhouse, but if you can’t find a ladyboy to your liking here then maybe you’re not into ladyboys after all.


While Cascade may be the biggest, many experienced ladyboy lovers consider Obsession to be home to the most stunning. Located on the bottom floor of Nana Plaza, Obsession is still a fair size, with around 50 ladyboys dancing on the revolving stage each night, and whereas Cascade has a number of tall and athletic ladyboys on staff, your typical Obsession ladyboy looks more like a young, cute, Japanese schoolgirl.

With so many uber hot, feminine ladyboys on staff, the only negative is that it tends to attract a lot of wealthy Japanese and Korean tourists, and some of the more popular ladyboys tend to develop a bit of a diva attitude. But don’t let this put you off, Obsession gogo is home to some of the most beautiful ladyboys on this planet, and watching them sliding up and down those shiny poles will leave you drooling in your beer.

The alternative option!

Man cannot survive on the bar scene alone, you’re going to want to also look for ladyboys dates, fuck buddies, and escorts, once you become a full time ladyboy addict! Here’s three sources to always remember.

Smooci is my favorite site for meeting ladyboy looking for love. Since becoming the biggest site of its kind in Southeast Asia, Smooci has now started to spread through Europe, so be sure to check them out no matter where you are.

If you’re looking for love, or something more lasting then the GO TO site is My Ladyboy Date. This site has long been the best site for those looking for something more genuine with a ladyboy and it’s now pretty popular across the globe. I know guys who have met and fell in love with ladyboys in the US, Germany, and the UK through this site, it’s the real deal.

For those based in Thailand then Thaifriendly is another resource you need to know. It’s only really usable in Thailand, but for Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiang Mai, you’ll find 100’s of ladyboys listed, and a mix of those looking for genuine love and genuine fun.

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