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Hi there! My name is Chris. I run the main site of Living Thai among other online ventures and I confess to knowing absolutely nothing about Ladyboys! But I have lived in Thailand for more than 6 years now and have a huge network of friends and some are experts on ladyboys. I've asked those people to write in their stories to help others know about the ins and outs. Don't send me a bunch of questions via email regarding ladyboys as I said I know nothing. Instead post your comments below and someone will likely help you with a reply.

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Guide to Meeting Ladyboys in Bangkok

Meeting Ladyboys in Bangkok Daytimes

The beginner’s guide to meeting ladyboys in Bangkok Bangkok is the world capital for shemale escorts. If you’re a ladyboy lover there’s no better place to be. But while there are many great ways to meet ladyboys in Bangkok the way to maximise your time and fun is to know where to look and when. […]

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The Final Frontier for Ladyboys in Bangkok

Fake Club Next Gen Huay Kwang

Bangkok is a great place for meeting ladyboys, there’s no doubt about it. But if you’ve been here a few times, or lived here a while, you’ll notice that the usual spots you first gravitated towards don’t have that same ‘magic’ to them as they once did. The illusion has worn off and you see […]

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Meeting Ladyboys Online in Thailand

One of the great things about living in or visiting Thailand is the fact that you have arguably the most beautiful Ladyboys in the world right at your doorstep. However, many guys who like Ladyboys and come to Thailand often have no idea how to actually go about meeting quality ladyboys. They then fall in […]

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Safest Ladyboy Escort Company in Bangkok

You know I see ladyboys everywhere in Thailand but all the years I’ve lived here I’ve only ever met 1 person who actually admitted to having sex with a Ladyboy. So who is actually having sex with ladyboys? I’ve spoken to many ladyboys to find out they are all kinds of people who like ladyboys […]

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5 Best Ladyboy Bars in Bangkok

5 Best Ladyboy Bars in Bangkok One of the best ways to meet ladyboys in Thailand, and especially in Bangkok, is to visit some of the many ladyboy bars on offer in this ‘anything goes’ city. Bangkok is notorious for its wild and raunchy red light districts, home to dozens upon dozens of beer bars, […]

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So You Want To Try a Freelancer

ladyboy freelancer

Of course the idea of walking into a ladyboy bar with a couple of dozen ladyboys staring at you can be intimidating. The whole scene of having so many ladyboys vying for your money…er attention…can be a bit over the top. One of the alternatives is to avoid the ladyboy bars altogether. There are plenty […]

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My First Time At A Ladyboy Bar

I had decided that going to a ladyboy bar was on my bucket list. I had moved to Thailand for my job, but one of the grand perks that no one knew about was my secret desire to meet, seduce, and sleep with a ladyboy. I had lived here a month before I found a […]

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