My First Time At A Ladyboy Bar

I had decided that going to a ladyboy bar was on my bucket list. I had moved to Thailand for my job, but one of the grand perks that no one knew about was my secret desire to meet, seduce, and sleep with a ladyboy. I had lived here a month before I found a suitable night for exploring and off to Nana plaza I went.

ladyboy bar

The energy level at Nana is bedazzling. Everything seems to be moving: people, carts, taxis, dishes, and lights. Even the sidewalks and the buildings had some dynamic ambience to them. There is always movement…a to and fro, in and out, pulsating force that threatens to overwhelm from the outside. Suddenly I find an equal resonating force is originating from within. I felt like I was a part of a cult festival merely by traversing the withered steps and stairs that are Nana Plaza.

I made my way to Casanova, saw large breasts everywhere, avoided eye contact with any of the girls outside and then ducked quickly inside…a newbie move if there ever was one. Hindsight says you make eye contact, smile a friendly smile, and say ‘Hello’…while you may not select the girl you are looking at, she would much prefer a friendly customer in her bar than a refuse-to-acknowledge-your-presence customer.

Once inside, I noticed the good looking dancers on the stage and customer seats to the right. I sat down and within 20 seconds there were literally more than ten ladyboys surrounding my seat. Under duress of having at least 14 of the best looking tits I’ve ever seen within 3 feet of my nose, I picked one with a great ass and a very pretty face. I soon learned that just saying you wanted to watch and drink is perfectly acceptable behavior, but I was a newbie who didn’t know any better.

Tink (not her real name) sat down beside me and introduced herself…I ordered her a drink as well. I got a closer look at her and it suddenly dawned on me that she might be 19, maybe 20 years old. Despite her age, it did not take long for her to ask what I wanted. I told her quickly that I wanted to watch for a while and then I wanted her. She immediately smiled and became my new best friend.

So after watching for about ten minutes and having Tink’s hands playing all sorts of games with the contents of my unbuttoned shorts, I asked her how we proceed from here. After a quizzical look, I repeated the question, but this time I asked, “What next?” She understood perfectly and explained that she needed to be bar fined. Fortunately, I had read about this particular fee and understood it was a routine part of taking a bar girl to bed. The bar fine was 600 baht and I paid that as well as the drink tab to the Mamasan. The Mamasan runs the bar and pretty much keeps all the girls in line. Tink went to collect her things, I finished my drink and got my clothes reorganized properly, and then watched some gorgeous lady boys dance. Tink came back, grabbed my hand, and then led me out the door with an undeniable look of pride…hmmm, maybe I wasn’t the only newbie tonight.

The short time room was 300 baht and we were led to clean, almost sterile room that was maybe ten feet by eight feet…just enough room for a bed and a bathroom. Once the door closed, being with Tink was just like being with a beautiful girl with an oversized clitoris. I will not get into details, but she was new enough at sex that we had to go really, really slow at first. She may have started off slow, but wow did she finish well!

I will admit to being very lucky…my first experience ranks right up there with awesome. I guess that I could be forgiven for assuming that all my future experiences would be as wonderful. As some of my future stories will show, that was definitely not the case.

Don’t just read about it, live it! YOLO

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About Ladyboy Lover

Hi there! My name is Chris. I run the main site of Living Thai among other online ventures and I confess to knowing absolutely nothing about Ladyboys! But I have lived in Thailand for more than 6 years now and have a huge network of friends and some are experts on ladyboys. I've asked those people to write in their stories to help others know about the ins and outs. Don't send me a bunch of questions via email regarding ladyboys as I said I know nothing. Instead post your comments below and someone will likely help you with a reply.

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2 Responses to My First Time At A Ladyboy Bar

  1. Phil May 8, 2014 at 10:10 pm #


    This question is for the writer who wrote the great features about ladyboys. Can you please explain to me what I see as a paradox? To my mind, a man who wants to be a woman would be drawn towards the change because they felt more feminine than masculine, more passive than dominant and generally be a smaller build than an average man. I say this because I think that if I met a ladyboy who had these feminine qualities I could be attracted to her.

    Yet most ladyboys I have met seem to be giants who are fairly aggressive, over confident and with dicks twice the size of mine. It doesn’t make sense to me. If they were born that tall and well endowed, why aren’t they super studs?

    So I don’t understand the motive for these ladyboys, do they really want to be women or do they just want to be noticed? I personally suspect it’s the latter, and if so, are they really genuine in their desire to be female or is it only about ego and rising above their peers? And does this then mean that for them sex is only a means to achieve this rather than something that is truly deeply fulfilling physically and emotionally. I would very much appreciate your views on this as it has confused me for sometime.

  2. Ladyboy Lover June 22, 2019 at 5:03 pm #

    I just don’t think you can look at sexuality, or sexual desire for that matter, as something which is simple to understand. It’s very fluid and you draw a sexual scale and then pin someone on. I have met super feminine ladyboy who also don’t mind being top, some even like it. I’ve also met some masculine ladyboys who prefer to be bottom.

    While you say most of the ladyboys you’ve met or seen are quite tall, I think that’s because so many of the small, feminine ladyboys go unnoticed and hide amongst the girls. Some even do it literally, there are 10s, maybe 100s of faminine ladyboys working as girls in the gogos and bars of Bangkok, some will even be post op and use a friends ID, and have had many lovers who will never know she was once a he.

    At teh end of the day, does it really matter if they want to be a male or femae, or whether they drift somewhere between teh two? As long as they are happy, and if you are happy with them, lets all be happy together and enjoy this short life.

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