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Of course the idea of walking into a ladyboy bar with a couple of dozen ladyboys staring at you can be intimidating. The whole scene of having so many ladyboys vying for your money…er attention…can be a bit over the top. One of the alternatives is to avoid the ladyboy bars altogether. There are plenty of freelancers working solo at various places throughout Bangkok.

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There are some definite pros and cons. Let’s deal with the cons first. If you are unhappy with the service, there is very little you can do in terms of addressing it. For example, on the street she may insinuate that she will do everything, but once inside the room and with your money in hand, she may decide that the price only includes a blow job. She already has your money and she answers to no one else but herself. Other examples of poor service include refusing to get completely naked with you, refusing certain positions, an inability to get hard, or just a bad attitude when you take longer than 5 minutes to get off.

Another risk would be the greater chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Bar girls are regularly tested and, if there any disease complaints to the Mamasan , the bargirl will dismissed immediately until she has documentation that she is clean. Any bar owner will tell you that it is in their best interest to have the girls tested regularly…nothing will shut a bar down faster than rumors of STDs. A freelancer is under no such mandate to be tested. In fact, despite their high numbers of sexual encounters, some will go months and sometimes years between testing. Certainly there are some conscientious freelancers out there, so it will pay to have some meaningful conversation with any freelancer that you are interested in.

The last risk of dealing with freelancers involves scams and thefts. Hardly a week goes by in Thailand in which some tourist brings back one or two girls to his room, pays them, everybody gets naked, and the last thing he remembers is licking a set of very nice looking breasts and wondering why they taste funny. He wakes up to find money, wallet, electronics, and even passport gone.

Freelancers, both female and ladyboys, come in various categories. The cesspool categories are the ones that will find a way to drug you and steal everything of value from your room. Again, this never happens with a bargirl. If a bargirl did this, you and the police know where to find her and she will have a very difficult time, once she is out of jail, finding work in another bar anywhere.

So what are the pros? There are two of them. The first is the price. You do not have to bar fine a freelancer. That’s 600 baht that you get to keep of your own money. A free lancer often charges less than a bar girl (although I did catch a very horny but beautiful ladyboy early on a Sunday at a bar who did me just for the bar fine). So there is also a potential savings there.

The other pro is that when you find a girl that you feel comfortable with, that does you how you want to be done, get her phone number. You will be surprised at how many of these girls will be willing to come directly to your domicile. The same thing that applies to bar girls applies to ladyboys as chris explains how not to get roobed. I personally would not do this with any girl that I had been with less than three times…there is too much probability of her being a BBC (Bitch Be Crazy). However, if you are lucky to find one or two who are willing to do this, nothing beats making a phone call to get your needs met at home without having to go out and look. This approach is virtually impossible with a bargirl since she will be fired immediately is the Mamasan were to find out.

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