Guide to Meeting Ladyboys in Bangkok

The beginner’s guide to meeting ladyboys in Bangkok

Bangkok is the world capital for shemale escorts. If you’re a ladyboy lover there’s no better place to be. But while there are many great ways to meet ladyboys in Bangkok the way to maximise your time and fun is to know where to look and when.

Here’s a brief guide to meeting ladyboys in Bangkok, broken down by the different times of day:

The Midday Meet

If you’re waking up much earlier than midday in Bangkok then you’re not doing it right. But chances are, once you’ve shaken off the night before, grabbed some breakfast and freshened up for the day, you might be looking for some early action.

Meeting Ladyboys in Bangkok Daytimes

Meeting Ladyboys in Bangkok Daytimes

Nothing beats a midday Massage in the big mango, and trans fans will find plenty of ladyboy masseuses willing to give you an expert rub followed by a very happy ending.
For the best ladyboy massages take a stroll around Sukhumvit Road, especially Soi’s 4 and 7/1, and the main strip in between. You’ll also find some good ladyboy massage options over on Silom Road, close to Silom Soi 4.

The Afternoon Affair

Afternoon fun is my favorite. While Bangkok has a lot of tourist spots it can be a hot sticky mess heading out in the afternoon sun, and I prefer making my sticky messes in the privacy of my hotel room.

Some guys will spend the afternoon’s trying to pick up their ladyboys from dating sites, but that usually means a lot of chat and a bit of a gamble. If you’re like me you just want to select your company and have them on their way to the love pad, leaving you as much time as possible to enjoy some rumpy-pumpy.

Smooci is the answer to your mid-afternoon prayers. A one-site-does-all escort portal which offers a live search, fully verified reviews, and great pricing. The site really is the future of escort booking and I can see it doing big things now that they are expanding. Within a few clicks, you can have your dream date coming to your door, and you can even get to track her Uber-style!

Night Time Naughtiness

Night times in Bangkok’s ladyboy wonderland are all about having a good night out. The city has 3 significant gogo bar complexes, Patpong, Soi Cowboy, and Nana Plaza, and all 3 offer a crazy good night.

While all 3 also have a few ladyboys bars, it’s Nana Plaza where you’ll find the largest and best selections on trans beauties. It’s best to get there around 8-9pm to see the best selections, even better, get a street side seat in one of the bars near the entrance, and watch the catwalk of ladyboys show up for work around 8 pm.

The Nana Plaza also has short time rooms should you need to sample the delights on site.

Meeting Ladyboys in Bangkok at Night

Meeting Ladyboys in Bangkok at Night

Late Night Lust

If you find yourself in the wee hours of the morning and still have a ladyboy craving, Sukhumvit is again the place to be. Once the gogos and bars close around 2 am everyone tends to head for a slow walk along Sukhumvit Road.

Around Soi’s 3 to 15, and in the many street sidebars you’re sure to find plenty of ladyboy action. Better yet, head up to the discos on Soi 11. Climax Disco in the basement of the Ambassador Hotel is a particularly good haunt for hunting late night ladyboys. Bangkok now has a great alternative to searching the streets and clubs at night with instant booking for ladyboy escorts on

Don’t just read about it, live it! YOLO

Want to connect with a real Thai ladyboy? I mean REAL Thai ladyboys who have a natural feminine and have been taking hormones since they were teens. Then there’s 3 sites you need to know.

Smooci is the site for meeting ladyboy escorts and those looking for a sugar daddy. Not only is Smooci the best ladyboy source in Bangkok but it’s now spreading through other parts of Asia and Europe!

If you’re looking for love, or something more lasting then the GO TO site is My Ladyboy Date. This site has long been the best site for those looking for something more genuine with a ladyboy and it’s now pretty popular across the globe. I know guys who have met and fell in love with ladyboys in the US, Germany, and the UK through this site, it’s the real deal.

For those based in Thailand then Thaifriendly is another resource you need to know. It’s only really usable in Thailand, but for Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiang Mai, you’ll find 100’s of ladyboys listed, and a mix of those looking for genuine love and genuine fun.



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