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One of the great things about living in or visiting Thailand is the fact that you have arguably the most beautiful Ladyboys in the world right at your doorstep. However, many guys who like Ladyboys and come to Thailand often have no idea how to actually go about meeting quality ladyboys. They then fall in the trap of the bar-scene, which highly limits their options and may not actually fulfill their needs. There is also the fact that most guys that like and want to meet Ladyboys, will want to do it discretely. Going to go-go bars is probably the least discreet thing there is and is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, so it may prove a real challenge in taking that first step for someone new in Thailand. So for these reasons, meeting ladyboys online is the way to go, and can help guys find the perfect ladyboy for their needs. Below I’ve highlighted the best online platforms for meeting the right ladyboy for you. Happy hunting!

For Friends with Benefits

thai friendly

There is actually a Thai term for ‘friends with benefits’, which is ‘kik’. So you can see how normal this type of mutually fun arrangement is here. In fact, it is extremely common for Thai men who are in a relationship with a woman to have a couple of ‘kiks’ on the side, which may or may not include some ladyboys on the roster. There is no better site for finding your own ladyboy ‘kik’ than Thaifriendly. It even has its own search category to classify and find ladyboys which very few online dating platforms have; this saves us asking the awkward clarification question of ‘are you a ladyboy?’ and potentially hurting a regular girl’s feelings! A word of warning though; Thaifriendly does have quite a lot of freelancers on it, but they usually list this on their profile so there is no confusion, and the majority of ladyboys are generally looking for fun and ‘kiks’. There is plenty of eye-candy to behold on the site, so even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, a browse through the members can give you a good idea of what’s out there.

For Escort Services

smooci ladyboys

Sometimes, the easiest and safest route for experiencing a great one-off fling with a ladyboy is utilizing an escort service. For an online and more discreet pay-for-play alternative to the bar-scene, there are a few different options, but none are as revolutionary as a new app called ‘Smooci’. With the same ease of using a groundbreaking taxi app like ‘Uber’ or ‘Grab’, ‘Smooci’ utilizes the same principles of direct escort booking based on settings such as location and price. I know some may be skeptical, but what makes it actually work in keeping their quality standards is an online ‘rating’ system. Unlike other disastrous online arrangements I have made with freelancers which have resulted in various incidents ranging from them demanding more payment than agreed, to meet with someone only to realize they are probably on drugs, Smooci bypasses all these hassles by allowing other users to report their experience with a particular ladyboy to let you know exactly what to expect. For these reasons and more, embrace these advances in modern technology, and be sure to give it a shot!

For Dating and Relationships

ok cupid

Above I have highlighted the best ways to use online technology to meet a ladyboy for fun. But what about if you’re looking for a little more, in terms of wanting to meet a ladyboy for dating or potentially a serious relationship? Well luckily, there are plenty of ladyboys out there looking for the same thing. Due to the ‘hook-up’ culture of Thailand, it might be hard to find those that are looking for something serious, but they do exist, and can be found (amongst other places) on the international dating site ‘OkCupid’. The whole premise of OkCupid is to promote proper conversations and a platform for getting to know each other which can potentially develop into something more; thus it attracts both women and ladyboys who are idealistic and looking for their prince charming. You will find the ladyboys that use OkCupid are more educated and classy than other sites, and generally have a low tolerance for overly-sexual conversation. This is a positive thing, as it means that they are more mature and ready for something serious. The only downside with OkCupid in Thailand, is that the ladyboys generally set their profiles as a ‘woman’, which means that you have to painstakingly go through all the profiles that you suspect are ladyboys and read the description to confirm your judgement, and if the profile is ambiguous you may have to go back to asking that potentially offensive question of ‘are you a ladyboy?’ to well-intentioned people! But at the end of the day, there are quite a lot of ladyboys on there, and it’s all worth it once you do find the one you’re looking for.

For dating ladyboys in Europe and outside of Asia

It’s My Ladyboy Date.

My Ladyboy Date has be going for years. What once started out a sa popular niche ladyboy dating site for Filipino and Thai ladyboys has now grown to become the biggest transgender dating platform in the world. This is the one ladyboy dating source which seems as effective in the US, Australia, and Europe, as it is in Bangkok and Manila.

Set up by a westerner and his Filipina ladyboy lover, the site is well run and focusses on those looking for genuine dates and relationships. I have heard from a number of guys who swear by the site and have used to it get ladyboy girlfriends all across the West, as well as those who use it for building distance relationships and getting genuine dates in Thailand and other parts of Asia,

Simply put, if your looking for get laid and willing to pay, Smooci is the site for you. If you are in Thailand and looking for a fuck buddy but willing to put in the time and effort to set that up, then your site is Thaifriendly. But if you are interested in a serious date and possibly starting a relationship with a Asian ladyboy or transgendered women, then you need to join My Ladyboy Date.



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Hi there! My name is Chris. I run the main site of Living Thai among other online ventures and I confess to knowing absolutely nothing about Ladyboys! But I have lived in Thailand for more than 6 years now and have a huge network of friends and some are experts on ladyboys. I've asked those people to write in their stories to help others know about the ins and outs. Don't send me a bunch of questions via email regarding ladyboys as I said I know nothing. Instead post your comments below and someone will likely help you with a reply.

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    Thai friendly, is great for getting dates in Thailand, agreed, and is good pretty much worldwide, if your looking for dates and mates, rather than a fuck buddy,

    Smooci is the one for fuck buds and quick love, although they don’t seem to be getting many trans on in Europe, hopefully as they grow the trans escort scene will discover it and we can all take advantage.

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