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You know I see ladyboys everywhere in Thailand but all the years I’ve lived here I’ve only ever met 1 person who actually admitted to having sex with a Ladyboy. So who is actually having sex with ladyboys? I’ve spoken to many ladyboys to find out they are all kinds of people who like ladyboys and apparently most people enjoy a ladyboy who hasn’t had the chop. Something about a girl with a cock that makes guys interested. I guess I can understand that a pussy on a guy is simply a fake girl but a girl with a cock is something different. If it’s your first time with a ladyboy then why not go with a professional.

I’ve seen online lots of good talk about this ladyboy escort company in Bangkok and thought I’d share with you my thoughts. I personally think having sex with a ladyboy is pretty dangerous. I mean they act all female but some of them are extremely cunning thieves. That’s why I actually recommend that if you are green to it then go with the escort that knows exactly how to keep you at ease. Ladyboys Bangkok is an escort agency that deals exclusively with Ladyboy Escorts and have THE safest ladyboy escorts in all of Bangkok and if you’re not in Bangkok they can pretty much send them to you.


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Hi there! My name is Chris. I run the main site of Living Thai among other online ventures and I confess to knowing absolutely nothing about Ladyboys! But I have lived in Thailand for more than 6 years now and have a huge network of friends and some are experts on ladyboys. I've asked those people to write in their stories to help others know about the ins and outs. Don't send me a bunch of questions via email regarding ladyboys as I said I know nothing. Instead post your comments below and someone will likely help you with a reply.

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