The Final Frontier for Ladyboys in Bangkok

Bangkok is a great place for meeting ladyboys, there’s no doubt about it. But if you’ve been here a few times, or lived here a while, you’ll notice that the usual spots you first gravitated towards don’t have that same ‘magic’ to them as they once did. The illusion has worn off and you see things how they are – basically, as ‘tourist traps’.

At this point, it’s a great idea to venture out a bit to more local ‘Thai’ areas to see how and if the ladyboy scene differs. Of all the areas in Bangkok, the one that I think has the most promising potential for meeting ladyboys as a farang, is undoubtedly Huay Kwang.

Roundabout at Huay Kwang Station

There are many reasons for this, but what it comes down to is the sheer number of ladyboys that are actually living in Huay Kwang. You will find many different types of ladyboys around here depending on your interests – the fact that it is a neighbourhood that offers low-budget accomodation near the MRT makes it a convenient spot for most of the bar-workers that travel to both Silom and Asok, but the demographic is by no means confined to this, in fact you will find a huge ‘beauty’ industry operating on the street with salons all over the place staffed by pretty girls as well as many restaurants and clubs.

As I briefly touched on, a great thing about Huay Kwang, is how easy it is to get to. Just jump on the MRT to Huay Kwang station and start walking down the street that has the big ‘Ganesh’ (Indian elephant god) statue at the front of it (the name of the street is Pracha Songkhro Road), and you will find most of the spots I’ll be pointing out in this article.

Huay Kwang Night Market

What seems like an ordinary Thai street with some interesting little shops, turns into one of the liveliest and most interesting night markets in Bangkok, all with a very ‘Thai’ touch about it. The quirky and uneven streets with their awkward footpaths are lined back-to-back with stalls that range from selling female accessories to the latest electronic gadgets.

Huay Kwang Night Market

I would have to say that the stalls are more ‘female-centered’ and have little of interest to the average farang, but on the other hand, this naturally means there will be a lot of girls and ladyboys alike walking around shopping, many of which are not used to seeing foreigners in the area and may express interest. The unique thing about Huay Kwang night market is that it is pretty much open all night! One of the reasons for this is because it serves every demographic that I mentioned above, some of which are just finishing their shift at 2am.

Huay Kwang Terrace

As you walk down Huay Kwang street, you will find a unique building on the left hand side which features an open air roof. Congratulations, you have arrived at Huay Kwang Terrace – a trendy and chill hangout that is very popular with the locals. It opens at 10pm and closes in the early hours of the morning, so it is a perfect relaxation spot to have a few beers after you have been walking up and down the street checking the market out.

Huay Kwang Terrace

The Thai food offered is affordable and really good quality, with a huge menu to choose from. It tends to be primarily a Thai hangout, with Thai acoustic duos performing covers, but expats are made to feel very welcome as the locals are very approachable (sometimes even trying to clink glasses with you out of the blue). It also happens to be a really great place to go and meet ladyboys, who often sit in big groups with their beautiful friends, so be sure to bring your wingman along !

The Best Kept Hidden Secret of Ladyboy Club-Game

One last spot I want to mention is not located on the same street but rather in the vicinity. For people that want to try their luck at meeting ladyboys in the club, I have a secret spot, but you have to bear with me as it is actually a gay club ! A huge number of ladyboys tend to accompany their gay friends to the club, and you will find these types tend to be more middle-class, buying fancy bottles of vodka and being dressed to impress.

Fake Club Next Gen Huay Kwang

‘Fake Club The Next Gen’ is located in the Huay Kwang area, with the exact location being Ratchada Soi 4. This is actually a great spot to meet pretty ladyboys, as they don’t tend to have their guards up due to being there for fun and not expecting much attention from the mostly gay crowd. So with very little competition from other guys, it makes it the perfect spot to have a fun night out and introduce yourself to whoever catches your eye.

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